Duelyst II Magaari Highlands Background

Patch 0.2.10 will go live at around 8:30AM UTC/3:30AM ET. It will be accompanied by a short maintenance period starting 30 minutes prior.

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New Cards

This patch includes 7 new cards designed in collaboration with Kickstarter backers. You can use the “kickstarter” keyword in the collection search bar to find them.

New Skins and Emotes

This patch also contains skins for 4 of the new cards and a new emote based on the “Double Agent” card.


Card Acquisition

  • Slothguard Letharus is only obtainable by completing the following achievements: launching the game; completing a Gauntlet game; completing a Season Ladder game.
  • All other cards are craftable and discoverable in core set orbs.
  • You can obtain all cards by purchasing a new bundle from the store for 900 shards. Since Slothguard Letharus can only be obtained via achievements, you will get the “Dream Sloth” skin above if you purchase the bundle.