Patch 0.2.12 will go live at around 2AM UTC/10PM ET

Card changes:

This will be a smaller than usual start of month patch, focused on toning down the two currently dominant archetypes and showing lesser-played cards some love while we continue to monitor the impact of wave one of the Founder’s Collection, and work on the release of wave two.


  • Sunriser: 3/5 ➝ 4/4

Sunriser is a big part of heal Lyonar’s strength, acting as a safe 4 mana play, reliably clearing smaller minions and pushing face damage out of hand, followed by threatening 9+ damage on subsequent turns. Bodyblocking with minions to protect your General is also often ineffective due to Sunriser’s effect. Trading a point of Health for a point of Attack increases the risk of playing this without heal synergy on the same turn, and should offer other factions more room to breathe against heal Lyonar – while not impacting other Lyonar decks.


Ancestral Divination: When you play a minion this turn, draw a card. ➝ Draw a card. When you play a minion this turn, draw a card.

Ancestral Divination decks suffered a lot from the change to Prophet Of The White Palm in patch 0.2.6, and have largely fallen out of the meta. Adding a cantrip to the spell increases consistency of this strategy, and potentially allows for other minion-based decks to utilize Ancestral Divination too.

Chakri Avatar: 1/2 ➝ 0/2

It’s no secret that Spellhai is very, very good at dealing damage. As well as dealing damage, Chakri Avatar is also a cheap minion that quickly becomes very difficult to clear without hard removal. Losing 1 Attack reduces its potency in early trades, and should make combo turns sting a little less. Much like Sunriser, Chakri Avatar was chosen as to only tone down the current strongest deck in its faction.


Mark Of Solitude: Give a minion “This cannot attack Generals”. It becomes 5/5. ➝ Give a minion “This cannot attack Generals”. It becomes 6/6.

Mark Of Solitude sees very little play and it isn’t too hard to see why. Being unable to attack Generals is a steep downside, and with 5 Health, minions you cast this on can usually only get one good trade before being cleared. It’s also rare to ever want to use this on an enemy minion. We hope increasing the stats to 6/6 increases the number of viable allied targets for this card, while not removing the niche cases where using it on an enemy is correct.

Glacial Elemental: 2/3 ➝ 3/3

Glacial Elemental lost a lot of power after its ability was tied to Infiltrate – the change succeeded in removing the turn two highroll with Bonechill Barrier, but left some room for strength in other areas. The 3/3 statline aims to address weaknesses to cards such as Tusk Boar and Natural Selection, and allow it to trade better into 2 drops in cases where it’s forced to fight.


The following four neutral cards are all heavily outclassed, so we’re giving them some love.

Golem Vanguard: 2/4 ➝3/4

Sand Burrower: 2/3 > 3/3

Primus Shieldmaster: 2/5 ➝ 2/6

Ash Mephyt: Opening Gambit: Summon two exact copies of this nearby ➝ Airdrop. Opening Gambit: Summon two exact copies of this on any two spaces.

Founder’s Collection – Wave one survey:

Please take some time to fill in this survey on the Founder’s Collection – wave one. All participants will receive this Fog emote:


The shop has 3 new skins!

  • Owlbeast Adept – Owl (Designed by: AndyPlays)
  • Riftwalker – Molten (Designed by: Calvin)
  • Metaltooth – Servo (Designed by: RedRemial)

Other changes:

  • Fixed an issue with how friendly gauntlet matches were displayed in match history.
  • Removed all developer accounts from top 50/20 S-Rank lists.
  • Updated visual effects for units affected by Slothguard Letharus tiles to make them more clearly visible.
  • Changed cards can be found by searching for “patched-0.2.12” in the Collection search bar, and we’ll tag future patched cards similarly for easier searching.