Patch 0.2.14 will go live at around 2:30AM UTC/10:30PM ET

Founder’s Collection – Wave 2

Wave 2 of the Founder’s Collection is here! This wave brings 7 more cards designed in collaboration with Kickstarter backers. You can find them in the Collection by searching for ‘Kickstarter’.

Card changes

With the release of wave 2, we’re also taking this opportunity to revert one of the more experimental changes from patch 0.2.12: Ancestral Divination. While it absolutely succeeded in opening up more non-spellhai archetypes, it did so a little too well, and also benefitted spellhai more than we’d hoped. We’ll monitor the impact of wave 2 while we work on further changes and wave 3 – the final wave of the Founder’s Collection.

  • Ancestral Divination: Draw a card. When you play a minion this turn, draw a card. ➝ When you play a minion this turn, draw a card.


The Founder’s Collection – Second Wave bundle is available in the shop for 1400 Shards! Includes 3 copies of all Wave 2 cards, and an exclusive ‘Rock Solid’ title.

The shop has 5 new skins!

  • Grailmaster – Bombus (Designed by Isbee)
  • Decapotheosis – Divine (Designed by DivineSoupCan)
  • Lady Locke – Buster
  • Krazed – Plazma (Designed by Krazed)
  • Zen’rui, the Blightspawned- Shroom (Designed by TepidKong)

The shop has a new emote!

“Kringe” – Designed by Krazed

There is also an impromptu challenge in Discord to defeat the Kaleos, Reborn boss with a Bugvet decklist! Contact F8 in Discord with your decklist and a replay of your win for your Bug Vet Boss title!