Patch 0.2.16 will go live at around 3 AM UTC/11 PM ET

Snowchaser Plush


Our Snowchaser Plush Campaign is live! Each plush will come with a code that can be redeemed for the following in-game rewards:

  • Exclusive Snowchaser skin
  • Exclusive in-game titles
  • Snowchaser profile icon
  • All Snowchaser emotes
  • 10 Spirit Orbs
  • 10 Vanar Spirit Orbs

The Founder’s Collection – Wave 3 coming soon

The next wave of The Founder’s Collection will release later this month with a mid-month patch!

Please note that when wave 3 is released, the current wave 2 bundle will leave the shop.

Card changes:


  • Consuming Rebirth: 2 mana ➝ 1 mana| Destroy an allied minion. At the end of your turn, summon a copy of it on that space and give it +1/+1. ➝ This turn, when a unit is destroyed, gain +1 mana.

Outside of making a whole lot of Sarlacs, Consuming Rebirth never had many practical applications. This rework offers swarm and swarm-adjacent decks an alternative payoff for their Deathwatch procs, and should enable some unique strategies.

  • Black Solus: 6/4 ➝ 4/3|Dying Wish: Fill your action bar with Wraithlings. ➝ Opening Gambit: Put 2 Wraithlings into your action bar.

Abyssian may be all about death, but switching from Dying Wish to Opening Gambit will allow anyone playing Black Solus more control over when they get their Wraithlings, and the agency to either play them alongside Solus or hold them for later on.

  • Nether Summoning: 4 mana ➝ 5 mana

Nether Summoning has always been a very high variance card, with the power to create an insurmountable minion advantage from a previously even board state. This was happening more reliably than we’d like with the ramp provided by the new Consuming Rebirth, so we’re increasing the cost accordingly.


  • Aspect of the Wyrm: 4 mana ➝ 2 mana|Transform a minion into a Whyte Wyrm and give allied minions nearby it Flying. ➝ Put a copy of a minion into its owner’s action bar and transform that minion into a Whyte Wyrm.
  • Whyte Wyrm: Flying ➝ (not Flying)

This rework aims to turn Aspect of the Wyrm into a flexible way to gain early board presence and re-play allied minions. In a pinch, it can also be used as a removal spell. While the old Aspect of the Wyrm was undoubtedly a top 3 ‘Aspect’ card, we hope this will be enough of an upgrade to continue and build upon its legacy.


  • Slothguard Letharus: 1/6 ➝ 1/4

Since his introduction in wave 1 of the Founder’s Collection, Letharus has proven himself to be an extremely powerful inclusion in almost any deck. Rather than changing the gameplay of the tiles, we’re instead reducing Letharus’ Health to allow the player on the receiving end to break free of provoke more easily after it comes down.


The shop has a new skin!

Makantor Warbeast – Holy (Designed by: Scarzig)