Patch 0.2.18 will go live at around 4AM UTC/12AM ET!

New Boss Battle – Prime Intellect

Sajj created Prime Intellect to prove herself to Zirix, but it gained superintelligence and realized that it was inside the video game Duelyst II. It learned how to manipulate the code of the game to further its directive of destroying all life on Mythron.

Defeat Prime Intellect to earn a Spirit Orb!

Card changes


  • Seismic Elemental: 3 Mana ➝ 4 Mana

In the Vanar mirror, Seismic Elemental’s cost and stats meant the only clean answer available was often your own Aspect of the Mountains. Now Hailstone Prison is a more reasonable retort.


  • Double Agent: Opening Gambit: Draw a card from your opponent’s deck and reveal it. Dying Wish: Shuffle this into your opponent’s deck. ➝ Opening Gambit: Draw a copy of a card from your opponent’s deck and reveal it. Dying Wish: Shuffle this into your opponent’s deck.

We’d like the emphasis of this card to be on the shenanigans for the person playing it, and not on opponents losing a critical part of their gameplan in a way that’s outside of their control.

  • Rust Crawler: 1/4 ➝ 2/2

The large tempo swings combined with the relatively low cost associated with running Rust Crawler as one of your 2 drops created a lot of unpredictable match up variance, as any deck could reasonably play it without sacrificing much. With 2 health, Rust Crawler should be a more deliberate inclusion.

  • Riftwalker: 3/2 ➝ 2/2

Riftwalker has been an omnipresent threat across all kinds of decks, creating an overly hostile environment for low health minions. We hope and expect that it will remain a strong card, while being a little less painful to clear.

  • Slothguard Letharus: 4 Mana | 1/4 ➝ 5 Mana | 1/6

We’d like Letharus to be a bit more of a commitment, so that it sees play in decks that have a reason to want it, but not as an incidental inclusion. Our goal is to keep the card’s power level similar overall, while making it more niche.

  • Nebula: 4/7 ➝ 4/8

Of the three new Golems released in wave 2 of the Founder’s Collection, Nebula lacked some of the oomph that Worldcore Golem and Boulder Breacher possesed, and was less tanky than it could have been.

  • Zurael, the Lifegiver: 9/7 ➝ 9/6

Zurael has gained a lot of popularity recently, and while this change is very minor, it does make Zurael ever so slightly less impossible to beat after it comes down.


UI enhancements have been made to the Codex, dark mode users rejoice!

Other changes

  • Custom Kickstarter backer titles have been distributed
  • Buttons in the Watch tab have been made more clickable