Patch 0.2.19 will go live on November 29th at around 11pm EST!

Coming Soon

As promised from the Makeship Snowchaser campaign, 1000 Shards will be delivered shortly after the end of the month directly into the accounts of all players who have played at least 1 ranked game in the past month.

Card Changes

This patch was motivated in part by comments made by the community which encouraged us to be more experimental with patches and to revisit some specific past changes. We’ve also gotten feedback that the game feels like it has a lack of distinct strategies, so we’re looking to address this with the changes below.

Elyx Stormblade

Old: 6 mana 7|7 Allies can move an additional space.

New: 8 mana 8|9 Opening Gambit: Give a unit Celerity this turn.
Elyx is a popular card despite being relatively weak. Some players miss the big minion playstyle that the previous version of Divine Bond enabled before it was changed in patch 0.2.7. Lyonar has been the least popular it’s ever been recently, so we hope this change enables a new playstyle for the faction that’s both exciting to some players while also feeling like an upgraded version of the Elyx people like.
Silverguard Squire

Old: 1|4

New: 1|1 Opening Gambit: Give allies directly in front and behind your general +1|+1.
As with the Elyx change, we want to encourage new ways to play Lyonar. This change looks to support swarm strategies that revolve around Skywind Glaives.
Artifact Defiler: Removed

Gotatsu: Added
Gotatsu is a fan favourite, so we’ve brought it back replacing Artifact Defiler.

Please note that existing decks will be updated to include Gotatsu if they included Artifact Defiler prior to this patch.
Celestial Phantom

Old: 0|3 Opening Gambit: This gains +1|+0 for each card in your action bar.

New: 1|5 Whenever this damages an enemy minion, destroy that minion.
The community has been very vocal that the new Celestial Phantom design feels generic and came at the expense of something more unique, so we’re reverting this change.
Astral Phasing: Removed

Cosmic Flesh: Added
While Syzygy is cool, Cosmic Flesh is also cool and some people miss it. Astral Phasing didn’t see much play, and enabled play patterns that felt similar to what other factions were doing.

Please note that existing decks will be updated to include Cosmic Flesh if they included Astral Phasing prior to this patch.
Syzygy: Spell Icon and VFX has been updatedWe wanted to give Cosmic Flesh its original art, and while we were at it we picked out some art that was a bit more fitting here.
Black Solus

Old: 4|3

New: 4|4
Swarm Abyss has been a long time fan favorite archetype, but it has been relatively weak for a while. We’re hoping this change gives it a bit power power as well as remind everyone that there is more to Abyss than lategame midrange/control/goodstuff strategies.
Reaper of the Nine Moons

Old: 5 mana 7|3

New: 4 mana 4|3
We’re hoping moving this down to 4 mana will cause Reaper to see more play.
Twin Fang

Old: 2 mana

New: 1 mana
Same as Reaper of the Nine Moons – lower mana cost means higher play, right? 🙂
Glacial Elemental

Old: 3|2

New 1|3
“For glacial elemental, the reason is that in Discord people have asked for old elemental back, saying they missed it, and I miss it too: it was a big part of Vanar’s identity at the beginning of the year before it got changed, enabling a variety of very Vanar-feeling decks. It’s probably really good even as a 1/3, but we want new stuff in the meta right now and that entails making really good cards. This is an experimental change and tbh I kind of hope it’s strong enough to justify buffing other stuff too soon you maybe shouldn’t write that though” – Blatm

“In the Vanar mirror often the only clean answer to Glacial Elemental was your own Glacial Elemental” – Also Blatm
Ancient Grove

Old: Opening Gambit: Your other minions gain “Dying Wish: Summon a 1|1 Treant with Provoke”.

New: Opening Gambit: Give allied minions “Dying Wish: Summon a Treant on this space.”
Many users voiced that they missed Ancient Grove giving itself the Dying Wish effect, so we’re giving back to mother nature.
Putrid Dreadflayer

Old: 3 mana 1|5 Flying. Dying Wish: deal 1 damage to nearby enemies.

New: 4 mana 4|3 Dying Wish: Deal 4 damage to nearby enemies. No longer has flying.
The aim of this buff is to help bring back the Dying Wish archetype some fans knew and loved.

Gauntlet Changes

You now earn 5 additional gold per win. The spirit you gain from losing all of your Gauntlet matches has been increased from 5 to 10.

New Skins

Blue Eyes White Dragon skin for Young Flamewing

“This card represents my pride and soul as a Duelyst…”

The Prime Intellect Mech Skin bundle has been added to the shop!

New Emote

A new emote based on everyone’s favorite Temporal Sage Lily will be added to the shop, designed in collaboration with krackocloud and F8!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Practice matches would end in a snag.
  • Fixed an issue where new players would hit a snag after ending a match.


As we mentioned in the last Updates from Mythron post, we’ve been hard at work refining the theme and cards of the new expansion, and we’re happy to share a sneak peak showcasing some of the cards in action! Can you spot all of the new cards and what they do? 👀

Please note that what is shown here is very work in progress and may not reflect the final version of the cards.