Patch 0.2.21 will go live on December 21st at around 11pm EST!

Card Changes

  • Chakri Avatar: 0/2 ➝ 1/2

The main aim of this change is to make the card less feast or famine especially when dealing with dispel.

  • Drain Morale: 1 mana ➝ 0 mana

We believe this card could receive a boost in power.

  • Mercurian Pendant: Flying ➝ Frenzy

While having a source of Flying for generals is something unique and exciting, we believe there should be more positional counterplay against artivet otks. Replacing Flying with Frenzy also opens up a new way for the deck to come back into the game, adding another line of play. In practice, Flying has very rarely been used to retreat, instead just simplifying and adding power to artivet’s proactive gameplan.

  • Elderchain Cultist: 4 mana ➝ 5 mana

Making cultist be worse from a tempo standpoint and come down one mana later will diminish its capacity to ramp while still allowing for big turns.

  • Shadowdancer: 5/4 ➝ 5/3

Shadowdancer plays involve simultaneously dealing a significant chunk of burn, giving your general a buffer of health that buys time and developing a backline threat that wins easily if unanswered. We believe the card is in a healthier state if it’s asking for less in order to be answered.

  • Fylgja: 5/5 ➝ 5/6

We want to increase the power level of Phil in a tempo Vanar gameplan.

  • White Widow: 3/4 ➝ 3/3

The reasoning here is similar to Shadowdancer. Widow has been popular recently and it is an efficient backline threat with immediate impact that is a bit too difficult to answer.

  • Deja-Vu Engineer: 3/5 ➝ 3/4

We want to reduce the tempo efficiency of this card considering the quantity of value it can easily generate.