DUELYST II – Patch 0.2.22

Sorry for the extended wait – Wave 2 of the TImeless Beginnings expansion still needs a little more polishing, but will be ready to go sometime this month! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this patch, set to go live at 10pm ET/3am UTC!

Card Changes

Overall, this patch aims primarily to rein in some of the more offbeat linear strategies that exist right now while promoting strategies that are more conventional and that conventional decks will have an easier time interacting with.

  • Blazing Spines: 1 mana spell, 3/1 tokens ➝ 2 mana spell, 2/3 tokens

The Vanar decks that are popular at the moment often have overwhelming turns in the early game, and this card is one of the major enablers of those turns.

  • Blaze Hound: Discount 2 ➝ Discount 1

This card created swingy turns and promoted gameplay that we think is fun as a change of pace but is not something we’d like to have be that strong long-term.

  • Fenrir Warmaster: 3/4 with 3/2 Wolf ➝ 3/2 with 3/4 Wolf

Swapping the statlines of Fenrir and its Wolf makes dispel a more meaningful form of counterplay. This favours fair decks, as they’re more likely to have dispel available, and this is important because Fenrir is inherently better against fair decks. We also hope this injects a bit of diversity into Vanar deckbuilding by buffing Keeper of the Vale-based midrange and tempo strategies. Overall we think this change will make Fenrir a bit weaker; Vanar is quite strong right now and this seems like a good way to remove some of its power.

  • Timecloak Coiler: 2/5 ➝ 2/4

We’re looking to nerf “Fatigue Magmar” decks slightly in response to community feedback we’ve received, and this card in particular seems unnecessarily difficult to answer and is generally regarded as being a bit overtuned. Our change to the card is relatively small. This is in part because we’d like to see how Fatigue Magmar fares after wave 2 of the Timeless expansion is released, as we think there’s a chance more substantial immediate changes might be excessive in that wider context.

  • Isbee’s Monument: -0/-2 and heal for 2 ➝ -0/-1 and heal for 1

This card promotes extreme strategies in the sense that it’s generally best used by decks that can find a way to not care about the opposing general’s health, e.g. very greedy late game decks, and in particular Fatigue Magmar. Our primary motivation for changing this card is to contribute to our effort to populate the meta with decks that are strategically more neutral and well-rounded. Secondarily, we’ve found over time that the 12 health this card heals would better foster certain central gameplay elements we were aiming for if it were doled out a bit more slowly. We’re hoping that now this card will feel a bit more like a mini-game, being more important to protect and more reasonable to outrace.

  • Spectral Blade: Heal for 1 ➝ Heal for 2

Months ago, the justification for nerfing this key Abyssian card was that it was unduly oppressive for minion-based strategies. Since then the meta has changed substantially in many ways, and minion-based decks now often play Riftwalker or Sloth which will incidentally mitigate Spectral Blade’s effectiveness. Empirically, Abyssian as a whole has been quite weak for a while, and putting power into this flexible, relatively archetype-agnostic card should broadly strengthen the faction.

  • Horn of the Forsaken: When your General deals damage, summon a Wraithling on a random space nearby them. ➝ When an enemy nearby your General is destroyed, summon a Wraithling on its space.

We’d like faster swarm strategies to be a bit stronger than they seem to be right now, and the randomness on this card could be annoying.

  • Elyx: 8 mana 8/9 ➝ 7 mana 7/7

The current meta is quite hostile to the more honest Lyonar archetypes the faction has historically been associated with. We’re looking to push fair midrange decks with this Elyx change. We hope this card in particular will be a bit more effective against unfair decks specifically.

  • Jaxi: 2/2 ➝ 3/1

This change should primarily buff decks that look to play in conventional ways. We also think the card is pretty fun and would be happy for it to see more play.

  • Krazed: Now costs 1 mana if you have 9+ mana crystals.

This card has turned out to be unexpectedly lackluster so we’re giving it more reason to feature in the niche it was designed for, and in particular making it a better comeback mechanic in lategame decks.

Kickstarter Backer Exclusive Profile Icons

We have some beautiful profile icons designed by the very talented Alga for our Kickstarter backers! These profile icons depict Kaon Deladriss, who served a pivotal role in Mythron’s history and the Great Tree of Eyos.

Mythron Acolyte tier backers and above will receive the base version:

Mythron Patron tier backers and above will receive the golden “Celestial” version:

Backers who already redeemed their backer rewards will automatically receive these in their account. Backers who have not redeemed their original backer rewards yet will receive these when they redeem those rewards.

New Shop Items

The following Kickstarter backer skins will be added to the shop!

Sunriser – Eldritch (Zolrain)
Nightsorrow Assassin – Freezing (Timeraider)
Dreamgazer – Nightmare (Rosco)
Sun Seer – Celestial (TwistedSalsa)
Pummy the Stormchaser – Thundersnow (PinkPummy)
Spelljammer – Prideful (Iris)

There is also a new emote designed by krackocloud:

Guess I’ll die Songhai

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Bug fix: Double Agent now correctly copies instead of stealing.
  • Bug fix: Fix email signup failing when using capital letters.
  • In the collection screen, Decapotheosis now appears when searching for “crab”.