DUELYST II – Patch 0.2.24

Wave 2 of the Timeless Beginnings expansion is here! Scroll down to see all the new and exciting cards that will be released April 1st (we’re not kidding) at around 11pm EST.

Epic Series Tournament News

Before we reveal the new cards, we wanted to bring attention to the fourth Epic Series tournament that starts on April 13th. We’ve partnered with the tournament organizer to make the rewards bigger and more enticing!

  • 1st place gets $700
  • 2nd place gets $500
  • 3rd place gets $400
  • 4th place gets $300
  • 5th place gets $200
  • 7th place gets $150
  • 9th place gets $125
  • 13th place gets $100
  • Top 3 will receive a Snowchaser plush and all Royal skins
  • Top 12 will receive a Royal skin of choice
  • Top 16 will receive a MkII skin of choice
  • All entrants will receive a Non-MkII skin of their choice
  • 1st place will be able to buff, nerf or rework 3 cards*
  • 2nd place will be able to buff, nerf, or rework 2 cards*
  • 3rd place will be able to buff, nerf or rework 1 card*

*Card changes must be approved by the Dream Sloth team and will last for 1 month. Certain cards may not be changed.

For more information, visit the Epic Series discord.

Now, onto the the new stuff. As we mentioned before, this wave aims to shake things up in big ways by introducing a new Artifact exclusive keyword and reworking Shadow Creep tiles.

New Artifact Keyword: Timeless

Timeless Artifacts do not lose durability during your turn.

Core Mechanic Change: Shadow Creep

Shadow Creep tiles now always deal 3 damage, rather than scaling with the amount of friendly Shadow Creep tiles.

New Cards

To obtain these cards, you can either purchase the Timeless Collection Wave 2 bundle in the shop for 700 shards, craft the cards or unlock them through orbs.

Balance Changes



New Skins: Steel Lyonar

You can purchase each individual skin for 200 shards, or purchase the bundle for 3000 shards.

Amazying Friendlies

You can now challenge friends to Amazyng Race in friendlies, as well as export/import rules, hopefully useful for fun tournament shenanigans 👀