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Patch 0.2.4 will go live at around 12AM UTC/7PM ET

Our February patch includes the first public trial of our new Season Ladder rating system, improvements to the Shop, Spirit Orb opening screen, Prismatic artifacts, new Kickstarter backer skins, and bug fixes!

Our next patch – scheduled for March 1st – will include card changes, bug fixes, and more.

New Season Ladder rating system:

In this patch we’re introducing the new rating system for Season Ladder. It’s currently an experimental, opt-in feature and doesn’t yet affect matchmaking or S-Rank placement. You can enable an in-game display for the new Season Ladder rating in the Settings menu. For a more detailed explanation, check out our livestream presentation.

If you have any feedback about the new system, in particular if you encounter cases in which your rating gains and losses don’t feel ‘fair’, please reach out to [email protected] to let us know!

Spirit Orb opening screen:

  • Opening all Spirit Orbs has a new animation!
  • A complete list of rewards shows up after opening all Orbs, sortable by card name, amount, faction, rarity, and prismatics.
  • The Open All Spirit Orbs button is now always visible, rather than appearing when you had 10 or more Spirit Orbs.


  • Prismatic artifacts now show the Prismatic effect when equipped under the General portrait in game.


  • Shop now has a Featured Tab.
  • Limited time Festive and Hallowed Skins have been removed.

New skins:

  • Fenrir Warmaster – Krazcent (designed by: !Krazed)
  • Skyrock Golem – Enchanted (designed by: NimbusXII)
  • Hearth-Sister – Priestess (designed by: Edrawings)
  • Golem Metallurgist – Vanquished (designed by: Kyar)
  • Young Flamewing – Sandwing (designed by: Synthis, King of Chaos)
These new skins will be available for 200 Shards each.

Emerald Rejuvenator – Triumphant

Show off your tournament winning skills with Emerald Rejuvenator – Triumphant! Take 1st place at an eligible event to receive this legendary skin.

Stay tuned for more updates on tournaments!

Eligible events must have a minimum of 32 participants, and a competitive tournament format. If you’d like to offer this skin at your event, contact [email protected] and use the subject line ‘Emerald Rejuvenator’.

Bug fixes:

  • Server performance and stability improvements have been made.
  • Performing specific in-game actions with Blaze Hound in your Action Bar will no longer cause units to remain on the battlefield with 0 Health.
  • The ‘Molten’ skin line now uses the correct VFX.
  • Sunriser’s text has been updated to reflect the timing of her effect, and should now be correct.


  • The new and improved Gauntlet (draft mode) will be making a return soon!
  • The updated General portraits by Nicola Saviori will be appearing in-game next month!