Patch 0.2.5 will go live at around 11PM UTC/6PM ET

Our first patch of the month is here! 0.2.5 introduces 12 new General portraits from Nicola Saviori, 10 card changes, and 4 new Kickstarter backer skins!

We’re also excited to announce that our draft mode – Gauntlet – will be added later this month.

New General portraits:

12 Generals have completely new portrait art! You can see them all below:

New Profile icons for each of the new General portraits are available in the Shop.

Card changes:


  • Sunstone Templar: 3/2 ➝ 1/3 | Opening Gambit: Allied minions have Airdrop when played. ➝ Allied minions have Airdrop when played.


  • Kaido Assassin: Backstab: 1. ➝ Backstab: 2.
  • Jade Monk: 4 Mana ➝ 3 Mana | 4/4 ➝ 4/3


  • Entropic Decay: Destroy a minion nearby your General ➝ Destroy a minion nearby an ally.


  • Greater Fortitude: Give a minion +2/+2 ➝ Give a minion +2/+1
  • Primordial Gazer: Opening Gambit: Give a nearby minion +2/+2 ➝ Opening Gambit: Give a nearby minion +2/+1
  • Vindicator: 2/3 ➝ 1/3
  • Elucidator: Opening Gambit: Deal 4 damage to your General ➝ When this takes damage, deal 2 damage to your General.


  • Firespitter: 3 Mana ➝ 1 Mana | 3/2 ➝ 2/1
  • Shield Oracle: 0/5 ➝ 1/5

New skins:

  • Flameblood Warlock – Sublimation (designed by: Octo)
  • Sunriser – Ignideus (designed by: Ignidues)
  • Healing Mystic – Celadon (designed by: AndyPlays)
  • Emerald Rejuvenator – Primed (designed by: Poyster)
These new skins will be available for 200 Shards each

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a rare bug where getting several faction levels (e.g. from level 1 to level 3) after a single game would skip intermediary level rewards.
  • Replaced multi-faction quests will now always provide new factions for both options.

Known Issues:

  • Cassyva’s sword is a bit large and likes to block other Generals in the matchmaking screen. We thought it was funny, so we’re keeping it in for a patch.


  • Retroactive rewards for players who missed level rewards due to the skipped levels.
  • Retroactive fix for players stuck with Lone Wolf quest and all challenges completed.
  • As mentioned above, Gauntlet will be added later this month!