Patch 0.2.7 will go live at around 3AM UTC/10PM ET

This patch introduces updates to The Gauntlet, improved Shard bundles, 13 card changes, and some QoL changes/bug fixes! Additionally, we’ll be releasing a large update to daily quests later this month, so stay tuned!


  • Profile icons are now displayed on the S-Rank leaderboard
  • Purchased gift codes can now be redeemed by the account that purchased them
  • Fatigue damage can now be blocked by damage prevention effects
  • Social media links have been added to the main menu – get involved with the community!

Gauntlet update:

The Gauntlet has received a host of new updates and QoL fixes, including MMR, cross-faction card indicators, visible deck stats during bucket deletion, an extra reward, and card weight updates – you can read about these in our new Gauntlet devlog here.

Card changes:


  • Divine Bond: 3 Mana➝ 2 Mana | Give a minion Attack equal to its Health ➝ Set a minion’s Attack equal to its Health.

Divine Bond has always been a very feast or famine card – this change aims to reduce the awkwardness of fitting it into turns, while making the payoff less explosive and removing OTKs with double Divine Bond. The current best performing Lyonar decks don’t play many good targets for this effect, so we don’t expect this change to benefit those decks directly.


  • Cyclone Mask: 4 Mana ➝ 3 Mana

We’re reverting the Cyclone Mask change from patch 0.2.6. While historically Cyclone Mask in combination with a cheap, Attack-giving artifact has caused issues, this cost increase in combination with the reduced range of Silhouette Tracer proved unnecessary.

  • Hamon Bladeseeker: At the start of your turn, deal 2 damage to your General. ➝ At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to your General.

Hamon Bladeseeker has fallen out of favor in decks that would traditionally want to play it, so we’re making it a little less punishing in situations where it sticks around but can’t close out the game.

  • Panddo: 0/2 ➝ 0/1

This is a small quality of life buff to Songhai decks that opt to play both Onyx Bear Seal and Ghost Lightning. Fun fact: a long time ago, Panddo was called Onyx Bear and couldn’t be attacked, targeted by spells, damaged, or destroyed. Quite the fall from grace.


  • Syzygy: 4 Mana ➝ 3 Mana | Give an allied minion +3/+0, another +0/+3, and another Blast this turn ➝ Give an allied minion +2/+0, another +0/+2, and another Blast this turn.

We’re making Syzygy less focused on the stat bonuses and more about making strong Blast plays that don’t take up your whole turn. This change should bolster Vetruvian’s ability to clear multiple threats at once and break stalemates while still being able to further develop their board.

  • Sand Howler: 3/4 ➝ 4/4

Sand Howler often struggles to be adequately threatening even after sticking around for a turn. The ability to trade up against most 4 Health minions and deal more damage to Generals ought to make this a more appealing option.


  • Abyssal Juggernaut: 3/5 ➝ 4/4 | When this damages an enemy minion, create a Shadow Creep tile on that space. ➝ When this damages an enemy, create a Shadow Creep tile on that space.

Abyssal Juggernaut has largely been phased out of Shadow Creep decks, which is unfortunate for a minion whose main purpose is to create Shadow Creep. This change aims to serve greedier Creep decks, that could use a way to get more tiles onto the battlefield and convert them into damage on the enemy General damage without Shadow Nova.


  • Plasma Storm: 5 Mana ➝ 4 Mana | Destroy minions with 3 or less Attack. ➝ Destroy minions with 2 or less Attack.

At the same Mana cost as Metamorphosis, Plasma Storm lacked a niche that could justify its inclusion when comparing the two spells. While a two Attack threshold hits a much narrower range of threats than before, Plasma Storm can now be cast with Metamorphosis on 9 mana.

  • Silithar Elder: At the end of your turn, summon an Egg of this on a random nearby space. ➝ At the end of your turn, summon an Egg of this behind it.

The RNG of Silithar Elder’s Egg spawns can be frustrating for both players, and unlike some other random spawns, aren’t necessary for the card to work intuitively or for power level reasons.


  • Mesmerize: Deal 2 damage to enemy minions on a row and Stun them. ➝ Deal 2 damage to enemies on a row and Stun them if they are minions.

The newly reworked Mesmerize failed to make as much of an impact as we’d hoped, so it can now also damage the enemy General. This allows for Hearthsister + Mesmerize to get better value, positional mix ups with cards such as Dancing Blades, and plain old burst damage in a pinch.

  • Spirit of the Wild: Activate allied minions on your opponent’s starting side of the battlefield. ➝ Activate allied units on your opponent’s starting side of the battlefield.

Spirit Of The Wild is an exciting card that too often isn’t worth the 4 mana investment, even when enemy units are in range. Activating the General as well as allied minions adds both utility and burst to the card, especially in combination with Snowpiercer.


  • Piercing Mantis: 2/2 ➝ 1/3

Piercing Mantis has a keyword that wants to be played forward, and a statline that wants to be played nowhere. Being able to tank a General attack should help the beige bug out.

  • War Talon: When this attacks an enemy minion, deal excess damage dealt to the enemy General. ➝ When this attacks or counterattacks an enemy minion, deal excess damage dealt to the enemy General.

This text was unintentionally added in the last patch, so we’re updating War Talon’s effect to match. Think twice about what you clear this with!


We’re increasing the value of the 2300, 6200, and 13000 Shard bundles – prices are the same as before, but you now get even more bonus Shards!

  • 2300 Shard bundle ➝ 2500 Shard bundle
  • 6200 Shard bundle ➝ 7000 Shard bundle
  • 13000 Shard bundle ➝ 17500 Shard bundle

If you bought one of these bundles before this update, you will receive the difference in shards over the next day or two after the patch.

The shop has 5 new skins!

  • Owlbeast Sage – Owl
  • Snowchaser – Midnight (Designed by: Calvin)
  • Ethereal Obelysk -Duck (Designed by: TheTapDancer)
  • Pandora – The End Maiden (Designed by: The Necrotic One)
  • Saberspine Tiger – Tiger