Patch 0.2.9b will go live at around 10AM UTC/6AM ET

This update introduces new MMR-based matchmaking and S-Rank placement, faster Season Ladder progression, the ability to select starting side in Friend matches, and several bug fixes.

Our first wave of Kickstarter cards will be released in patch 0.2.10 next week!

Matchmaking and S-Rank placement:

Ranked matchmaking now matches players based on their MMR rather than division:

  • The matching range starts at +-30 MMR
  • It then quickly expands to +-100 MMR after 15 seconds
  • After one minute you will hit a +-200 MMR range
  • After two minutes it hits +-300
  • After 4 minutes it hits +-400
  • After 8 minutes it hits +-600, which is the maximum range

Ranked progression (Chevrons) is now based on average MMR of the players and the MMR difference between them:

  • If you are ranked at least 200 MMR points below your opponent, you lose no chevrons if you lose the match
  • If you win the match, you get +1 additional chevron for every 200 MMR point difference your opponent had over you
  • For every 100 MMR points above 1700 in average MMR between the two competing players, the winner will get +1 chevron (maximum number of chevrons lost per game is still 1)
  • Winstreaks/ladder resets are untouched

Profile page changes:

  • Ranked MMR (and changes to it) is hidden for non-S-Rank players
  • Gauntlet MMR (and changes to it) is always shown
  • Other players’ Ranked MMR (but not changes to it) is shown on their profile page if they are top 20 S-Rank

S-Rank placement:

Placement within S-Rank is now determined by your MMR under the new system.

Starting side in Friend Matches:

You may now choose which side you start on in Friend Matches, or keep it random as before. The player receiving the challenge will be shown which you’ve selected before accepting.

Bug fixes:

  • An issue preventing some users from launching the game has been resolved. Additionally, a ‘Clear Cache’ button has been added to this screen
  • An issue preventing some users from playing the tutorial or Legacy mode has been resolved
  • An issue causing connected opponents to display as disconnected has been resolved
  • An issue that caused users to be prompted to log in after starting the game has been resolved. This should now only happen if you have not logged in for an extended period of time