Timeless Beginnings: Wave 2

Wave 2 of the Timeless Beginnings expansion is right around the corner! The wave will launch April 1st (we’re not kidding) with 28 new cards! To obtain the cards, you can either purchase the Timeless Beginnings bundle in the shop, craft them, or unlock them through orbs.

This wave aims to shake things up in big ways by introducing a new Artifact exclusive keyword and reworking Shadow Creep tiles.

New Artifact Keyword: Timeless

Timeless Artifacts do not lose durability during your turn.

Core Mechanic Change: Shadow Creep

Shadow Creep tiles now always deal 3 damage, rather than scaling with the amount of friendly Shadow Creep tiles.

The following Shadow Creep cards have also changed, with their new stats and effects to be revealed in the April 1st patch notes:

  • Shadow Nova
  • Abyssal Crawler
  • Abyssal Juggernaut
  • Darkspine Elemental

Card Reveals

Just like in wave one, we’ve partnered with members of the community to reveal a couple of cards from the expansion each day leading up to the release. Below are the streamers to look out for and at what time:

Paks – March 26th at 2pm EST/6pm UTC https://www.twitch.tv/paksenarrion7

Chocobo – March 27th at 6pm EST/10pm UTC https://www.twitch.tv/ch0c0bu

ZeroUnderscoreOu March 28th at 11 am EST/ 3pm UTC https://www.twitch.tv/zerounderscoreou

Dultrak – March 29th at 3pm EST/ 7pm UTC https://www.twitch.tv/duultrak

Smarty – March 30th at 5pm/ 9pm UTC https://www.twitch.tv/smarteay

Calvin – March 31st at 10am EST/ 2pm UTC https://twitch.tv/duelystcalvin

If you can’t tune in, don’t worry. We’ll also post the revealed cards on our X (also known as Twitter) account.