Patch 0.2.13 will go live at around 1AM UTC/9PM ET

Steam Strategy Fest

Duelyst II is part of the Steam Strategy Fest! For the duration of the event, we’re offering the following Spirit Orb bundle discounts:

  • 4 Spirit Orbs: 500 > 400 Shards
  • 10 Spirit Orbs: 1100 > 900 Shards
  • 20 Spirit Orbs: 2100 > 1700 Shards
  • 50 Spirit Orbs: 5000 > 4000 Shards

We’ve also officially enabled Mac OS support in the Steam build, as well as fixed issues when purchasing via Steam! Additionally, Duelyst II Steam trading cards, emotes, backgrounds, and badges will be added in the coming days.

Improved AI

The AI in the game has been upgraded to be a bit smarter and much more flexible. This means that it can play reasonably with/against any deck and will not be blindsided by card changes or new cards as the previous AI was. You can read more about it in our latest devlog.

Boss Battle: Kaleos, Reborn

The first Duelyst II boss battle is here! It utilizes the new AI and is a fresh design (not one of the bosses from the original game). Introducing: Kaleos, Reborn!

Kaleos Xaan was killed by Shinkage Zendo (Duelyst veterans will remember him as one of the most fearsome bosses from the original game) and resurrected as an undead puppet of the Abyssian Host. He now rules over Xenhai with an iron fist, and has some diabolical tricks up his sleeve for you. Can you defeat him and restore peace to Xenhai? Doing so will earn you a Spirit Orb, and beating each phase of the fight will grant you a new title!

Some of you may remember Kaleos, Reborn from the Poll-Venture series on the former Duelyst Forums. You can read a new lore story and the original ones here.

The Founder’s Collection – Wave 2 coming soon

The next wave of The Founder’s Collection will release later this week with our start of month patch!

Please note that when wave 2 is released, the current wave 1 bundle will leave the shop.

Other Changes

  • Double Agent now shows a preview of the card stolen to both players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused stacking Letharus’s Ruby Aura on the same tile to kill 2 HP units.
  • Players can now choose which of their obtained titles to display via the profile screen.
  • Important news and announcements will now be shown within the client.
  • Steam purchases are now more reliable (fixed overlay not appearing when trying to purchase shards through Steam).
  • Mac OS build officially supported on Steam.